A change of plan, a change of mountain and a great end to the day.

We had a slight change of plan for this weekend to fit the size of our team and their aspirations. Instead of the exciting route up Snowdon we had planned we set off to climb Milestone Buttress on Tryfan. It's good to be flexible and we had someone who wanted to have a go at some climbing in Snowdonia as well as another member of the team who was happy to work on their lead climbing, perfect!



So, with a steady hand on the belay (and the beautiful Ogwen valley in the background) we set off up the mountain.


With a great day of climbing under our belts and looking forward to our dinner back at the Lodge there was only one thing to do – come back down! This was done with an exciting abseil from the top of the climb to a spot where we could walk back to the transport.


And just to round off the day a fantastic meal at Lodge Dinorwig, halloumi and harissa vegetable burger for me. Then in to planning the next day and telling a few stories about our experiences on Milestone Buttress, Tryfan today.



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