The National Three Peaks Challenge (Supported)

The National Three Peaks Challenge (Supported)

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Complete a mountain challenge
The National Three Peaks Challenge is a popular event that sees people attempt to climb the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales within a self imposed time limit of 24 hours (including the driving from one mountain to the next).

La Montée will help you with the logistics of the event and make sure that you get the best chance of completing your challenge within the time limit with the least amount of hassle and the most amount of fun. We also donate 3% of our profits to 3 charities (one concerned with each mountain) and can help you with your charity fund raising and training too. We offer 2 levels of support with your 3 Peaks Challenge: either 'Supported' (providing all the logistics and support team) or 'Guided' (where we also guide you up and down the mountains).



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This amazing weekend adventure will see a maximum of 12 walkers (we can arrange for more if you have a larger party) undertake the challenge of climbing the highest mountains in Scotland (Ben Nevis – 1344m), England (Scafell Pike – 978m) and Wales (Snowdon – 1085m).

We will transport you to Ben Nevis for the start of the challenge, stopping off overnight so you are fresh and rested for the challenge, and completing the last miles to the base of the mountain during the day.

Having climbed the mountain we’ll be waiting for you with the minibus ready to go and some refreshments to help you refuel for the next stage. We’ll then drive you, through the night, from Ben Nevis to Scafell Pike in the Lake District for you to climb this rocky giant. Once back in the minibus, and whilst you stock up on calories again we’ll drive you off to Wales for you to complete the challenge on stunning Snowdon.

Having completed the challenge you’ll get to stay overnight in local accommodation and in the morning, with everyone exhausted and aching from the previous days adventure we’ll transport you back home.

Whilst your aim is to complete the challenge within 24 hours it is our aim to make sure that it is done safely, responsibly and with the least negative impact on the mountains, the surrounding areas and the nearby residents.

  • 4 days support for your ‘National Three Peaks Challenge’ incl:
    • Minibus transport (incl. 2 drivers) to the start* of the challenge, between mountains and home* after the challenge (subject to where you live we may arrange a rendezvous point (such as a mainline station) from where you will be collected)
    • Snack foods and drinks after each mountain

    • Overnight accommodation for nights prior and following your challenge

  • Advice on the clothing and kit you will need
  • Advice on the level of training required to prepare you for the challenge. (If you have limited experience in the hills of the UK we suggest you may want to take part in one of our Snowdonia adventures to give yourself some idea of what it’s like to climb a mountain in the UK. You may even want to have a go at all 3 mountains before you do the actual challenge.)

Once you have selected an adventure, added it to your cart and made your payment we will e-mail you an ‘Adventure Pack’ with detailed itinerary breakdown, hostel location and directions, kit list and the following forms ‘Dietary Requirements’, ‘Acknowledgement of Risk’ and ‘Medical Declaration’ along with details on personal insurance.

Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis (from the Gaelic ‘neimheas’ meaning ‘the venomous or evil one’) is the heighest peak in the British Isles, standing at 1344 metres. This dramatic mountain is the home to some of the best, walking, scrambling and rock and ice climbing in the world. You’ll ascend via the easier Mountain Track, starting from near sea-level so you’ll earn all of those 1,344 metres.

Scafell Pike
Scafell Pike (Norse for ‘rocky hill’) stands at 978 metres above sea level and whilst the highest mountain in England is actually the lowest of the National Three Peaks. It might be lower but its rugged terrain and shattered summit will be more than enough of a challenge as you tick off your second peak, ascending and descending from Wasdale.

Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa)
Snowdon is the peak that the whole National Park was named after and stands 1078 metres above sea level. You’ll ascend via the Pyg or Miners tracks from the Pen Y Pass car park where we’ll be waiting for you on your triumphant return!

Friday will be our big travel day as we get as close as possible to Ben Nevis. Subject to where you live we will meet up and drive you to within a mornings journey from Ben Nevis (most likely we’ll be in the Glasgow area).

After breakfast on Saturday we’ll get back on the road and drive the final leg to get us in situ for a 5.00pm start on Ben Nevis. Time allowing we will stop in Fort William for some last minute food before we get you in place to start ‘the Ben’. All going to plan you’ll be back to the minibus by approx. 10.00pm just as the light is fading and after some quick refreshments we’ll be off to Wasdale.

Arriving at the Wasdale car park at the foot of Scafell Pike at approx. 3.45am you’ll get yourselves ready and set off, getting the slightly flatter leg of the climb done in the last of the dark and the morning should start to get lighter as the gradient increases. Having been to the top of the Lake District you’ll be back to the bus again around 7.45am in time for further refreshments and the journey to Snowdonia.

We should arrive at the Pen Y Pass car park at the start of the paths for Snowdon approx. 12.45pm which leaves you 4 1/4 hours to complete the challenge, on average it should take you 4 hours to summit Snowdon and get back to the minibus where your challenge will be complete.

It’s generally accepted that the challenge consists of 10 hours of driving and a maximum of 14 hours of walking, which the above timetable supports. If we drive any faster than this we’d be breaking the speed limits – which we won’t do. You’re more than welcome to walk faster if you can!

No doubt the adults in the group will want to celebrate with a drink or two after the challenge so once everyone has had time to recover we’ll drive you to a local pub for a bit of a celebration and something to eat (you’ll want to celebrate however long it takes you, it’s a real achievement). We’ll then get you all back to the night’s accommodation.

After breakfast it’s time to load all your gear on the minibus and for us to take you back to the agreed rendezvous point. You can sort out your stories and your photos on the way and perhaps start planning your next mountain challenge, there’s plenty to choose from.

This is a 'Hiking' weekend. In addition to the standard kit required you may want to bring a pillow or blanket to sleep under when in the minibus and you may have some favourite comfort type snacks to keep you spirits up between or during your mountain ascents.

Please refer to the 'Hiking' section on the 'What kit do I need?' page.

The National Three Peaks Challenge is a big undertaking to complete within 24 hours. This weekend will include a lot of driving, plus 3 huge mountain ascents. The walking is relatively easy going in terms of mountain paths but on odd occasions you may find you need to use your hands to steady yourself on short steeper sections. However, there are no technical aspects to this challenge and most relatively fit novices are capable of completing the challenge. Most people will need to train for this event (we can suggest some training plans if required).

Remember, this is a timed challenge so there’s plenty of exercise, plenty of mountain air, not a lot of time to sit still (unless you’re in the minibus where the best thing to do is eat, drink or sleep).

This is not a guided event. However, your experienced drivers for the day are well aware of the requirements of the 'three peaker' and other than their driving duties are there to make sure you are fully re-fuelled and hydrated for your next mountain. Other than on the mountain, they will be with you every step of the way. (Guided Three Peaks Challenge events are also available upon request.)

Friday morning to Monday afternoon.

Cost is per person. Maximum of 12 people per event.